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What Hillary Wants

As an outsider, she’s made too many wishes. She wants this and that in the event of national turmoil in Egypt and other parts of the globe. On Twitter, take a look at how media echo her expectations. I assume a president gives a statement regarding international affairs after receiving a briefing from its foreign minister. That’s why Obama’s statements sound rephrasing Hillary’s words. Meanwhile, UK simply ‘re-tweets’ US status updates.


Clinton urges orderly transition http://bbc.in/gtf8W5

Clinton: ‘We want restraint and reform’ http://bbc.in/eNpkyg

US demands release over shooting http://bbc.in/hCpvyl

UK calls for Egypt ‘transition’ http://bbc.in/hQ7WSF


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Washington wants an orderly transition of power in Egypt, so there is not a void in governance.


Clinton: I’ll pressure Haiti on election http://goo.gl/fb/PAqiS

Clinton calls for a peaceful transition http://goo.gl/fb/MvwKU

U.S., UK push Mubarak to fulfill pledge http://goo.gl/fb/vo8eK


Obama says Mubarak must deliver on democracy promise: http://apne.ws/e1UXjV

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says the US will review aid to Egypt: http://apne.ws/fdsm0D


President Obama has urged Egyptian leader Mubarak to keep his promises of greater democracy and economic opportunity for his people.


US calls for ‘orderly transition’: Reaction is mixed, with the US calling for reform and Saudi Arabia condemning… http://aje.me/f50bJZ

Obama calls for the internet and communication services to be restored in Egypt

Hilary Clinton – Protest show the underscore of deep resistance in Egyptian society and as Pres. Obama said reform is critical


Obama calls on Egytptian authorities to refrain from violence against protesters http://on.cnn.com/gwaM8x

SecState Clinton calls on #Egypt government to open up communication channels it has cut. http://on.cnn.com/fjkQqv

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls for restraint from #Egypt government. http://on.cnn.com/fjkQqv


Obama: I told Mubarak he must deliver on his promises. http://on.cnn.com/fvOONI


US ‘deeply concerned’ about use of violence against Egyptian protesters; calls on people to protest peacefully: US Secretary of State


U.S. says Mubarak can’t just shuffle the deck | Reuters http://t.co/WW6gTFx

Obama says told Egypt’s Mubarak to keep promises http://t.co/zofanYb

U.S. to review aid policy with Egypt: White House http://t.co/i4YYb43


Clinton urges orderly transition http://bbc.in/gtf8W5

While Saudi’s King Abdullah has mentioned the keyword ‘infiltrators’, (http://english.aljazeera.net/news/middleeast/2011/01/201113014218302425.html) I couldn’t agree more with Chavez mocking US’ chameleon-like foreign policy. A foreign policy that’s highly flexible and ‘go with the flow’.


U.S. role in Egypt crisis “shameful”: Chavez

By Andrew Cawthorne | Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:43pm EST

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s firebrand leader Hugo Chavez accused the United States on Sunday of a “shameful” role in the Egyptian crisis and of hypocrisy for supporting, then abandoning strongmen round the world.

Chavez, Washington’s leading critic in the Americas, said he had spoken to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad for a briefing on the protests in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world.

“In Egypt, the situation is complicated, Chavez said.

“Now you are seeing comments from Washington and some European nations. As President Gaddafi said to me, it’s shameful, it makes you kind of sick to see the meddling of the U.S., wanting to take control.”

The United States has urged an orderly transition to democracy in Egypt to avoid a power vacuum but has stopped short of calling on President Hosni Mubarak, an ally of three decades, to step down.

The socialist Chavez has generally cast himself as pro-Arab and opposed to the policies of Israel and the United States.

But in brief comments carried on state TV, he avoided any further specific comment on Egypt, saying only that “national sovereignty” should be respected.

Chavez scoffed at what he said was the United States’ chameleon-like foreign policy.

“See how the United States, after using such-and-such a president for years, as soon as he hits a crisis, they abandon him. That’s how the devil pays,” he said.

“They didn’t even give a visa or anything to the president of Tunisia,” he said, referring to President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who lost power this month after failing to quell the worst unrest of his two-decade rule.

Washington and other Western powers have been caught off guard by the popular uprising on Arab streets after long relying on autocratic regional rulers as a bulwark against Islamic extremism.

Chavez spoke after inspecting an army ammunitions depot where predawn explosions killed one person and injured another three, lighting up the sky and terrifying locals.

Though the incident appeared to be an accident, the government said it was not discounting any cause given the depth of feeling against Chavez by political opponents.

Venezuelans have been following events in the Arab world closely, with some Chavez foes privately expressing hopes for a similar uprising against him after nearly 12 years in power.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/01/30/us-egypt-usa-chavez-idUSTRE70T3KQ20110130


Double Christmas Gifts for Obama

The US President Barack Obama got actually two prizes in the same day on Thursday (10/12). In Oslo, Norway, he received the Nobel Peace Prize as an adult and in Jakarta, Indonesia, he got his childhood statued.

Photo by Sasha

This is another evidence of what I said in the end of my previous post President Idol. We tend to hate our own head of state and over-treat the others. Unfortunately, BBC Three has only The World’s Strictest Parents show which sends teenagers abroad to live with other family. It hasn’t come up with an idea of swapping presidents.

Supporters of the president unveiled a bronze statue of him as a young school boy at Menteng Park. The “Barry Dreams Come True” action figure stands only a stumble away from the school he used to attend as a kid.

“The statue is not for an individual cult nor is it for political

motivations, it’s more to motivate younger generations of Indonesians,” said Sylvina Murni, the Central Jakarta Mayor, as quoted by Reuters. “Who knows, there could be another child from this country who can be a world leader.”

Are students from the same elementary school motivated by the US 44th president? “I do not want to be like Obama, I want to be a general,” said a schoolboy attending the ceremony to Reuters.

Obama spent four years of his childhood in the neighborhood when his mother married her Indonesian husband in the 1970s.

Non-Indo statue

As long as I’m concerned, the US$10,000-worth statue is the first one of foreign person in public places in Jakarta. Even of six presidents of Indonesia only one whose statue is placed in a public place, the founding father Soekarno. However, the Obama statue doesn’t picture him as a president instead of a child and the mayor guarantees no public tax involved in the building.

It’s expected that Obama will be requested to have a look at it when he visits Indonesia in 2010. Blaming on the postponement of the state visit, there will be a longer list of side events waiting for his appearance. His then-school wants to be peeped. His step big-family wants him to share nostalgia in his then-house.

It’s expected too that the experience in his planned visit won’t be much different from what he had in Oslo when he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Demonstration is undoubtedly.

Photos: Obama, Sarkozy and Women

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