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Royal Wedding, Celebration In Style

Photos by Ady Nugroho


Welcome to the Wax World

Here is where all the stars flock in an ex-planetarium building just across my university. Stare at their brightness before you catch them for a snap of picture.

Photo by Ady Nugroho

“Look! I’m taller than him,” shouts a teenager to his buddies as he stands next to Tom Cruise. He does not realise that Julia Roberts, who was standing nearby, witnessed his naughty action of pulling Cruise’s hair. He and a bunch of people effortlessly manage to get close to and even touch dozens of celebrities in an A-list party. Everybody is free to mingle and pose for camera with their idols or make fun of them.

Unfortunately, these are only do-able in the fake world of celebrities in Madame Tussauds London where their life-size wax figures answer visitors’ curiosity about their real figures. The gallery brings visitors in to glamorous atmosphere as soon as they come out of the lift. Camera flashes strike endlessly while guests are walking along the red carpet towards the A-list hall where the party has just started.

Each celebrity’s level of popularity can be seen here. The more publicity they get in the real world the bigger crowd surrounding them in the hall simply to stare at them or grope their ‘vital’ areas. A man, who is not the first one, gropes Victoria Beckham’s chest ignoring David Beckham who is standing by her side. Another couple who come under the spotlight are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Fake hands

The attraction continues as visitors step in to the movie room to get up close with some Bollywood stars, Hollywood’s make-believe characters such as Superman and Shrek. This room is set to present a mini version of a movie studio featuring props used in a movie. Just before visitors leave the movie room, a couple of wax artists try to attract them with their skills in making fake hands.

The next room is a little bit different where quite a few kids play football and other sporting games under the supervision of some world’s sport champion. Meanwhile, their parents look too busy with the royal family members in the same room. Some visitors whisper in front of the Prince of Wales’ family: “This is the first time I have seen all of Prince Charles’ family together in one place .”

Another shining star in the gallery is Michael Jackson who is standing with his trademark pose between many other musicians. Visitors can wear some accessories a la the king of pop supplied before they freeze for a shot. In the other corners of the room are several world leaders. Rough guesses say that Barack and Michele Obama are the latest occupiers of the room.

Up to this point visitors are full of smiles. But their expressions change once they enter the Chamber of Horrors.

Sudoku Squeezes the World

The world becomes smaller thanks to Sudoku which bridges foreigners and locals in the absent of a common language. Simply say numbers with fingers then you have friendly communication with locals.

Photo by Ady Nugroho

I was so desperate to find English newspaper when I was in Fes, Morocco, as all I could find either in Arabic or in French. I expected cluelessness of what to do nine-hour train enroute to Marrakech without something to read and without local languages on my tongue.

I’d never known what an Arabic newspaper could contain until someone in the same compartment grappled with a puzzle on the paper that I recognised as Sudoku. When he gave up with a puzzle, another occupant took turn to give another block a try.

Occasionally, I helped them by showing fingers gesture to say a number to be filled in. The other way round, they helped me on my turn. These were all the way I communicate with them except mentioning a city when the train stopped to make sure I got off at the right station.

Numeral puzzles were the only columns in the paper written in Latin script. So they looked quite snappy in the middle of full-page Arabic letters.

Moroccan people and newspaper use the same name for Sudoku as it is. No translation for that Japanese trademark nor in daily conversation. Sudoku is written in Arabic—from right to left—as سودوكو with the first two characters (سو) is read ‘su’, the second two (دو) is pronounced ‘do’ and the last two (كو) is the ‘ku’. As simple as that.

Sudoku in London

When I’m in an underground train in London, when I’m fed up with cheesy articles in papers, I prefer Sudoku page like other passengers may do. So no wonder if sometimes I find out the only Sudoku in a bundle has been done either correctly or messily.

My random observation found out Sudoku is supplied slightly only in instant dailies while hard-core publications tend to include cross-word puzzles. Metro is the best Sudoku provider for commuters to me.

The game was introduced to me by a friend of mine in 2007. We used to spend spare time on it either Sudoku online or on papers. Little time is needed to comprehend the ‘how to play’, but more time can be needed to solve a block of Sudoku in advance level.

Wikipedia notes that Sudoku was popularised in 1986 by the Japanese puzzle company Nikoli. Sudoku, meaning single number, became an international hit in 2005.

Jolie, Aniston Voted Beauty Icons, Lucky Pitt

Lucky Pitt! His partner and ex-wife have been named the top two of Beauty Icon of the Decade.

Photo by Pulicciano

Photo by GDCgraphics

The fierce rivalry between Angelina Jolie, 34, and Jennifer Aniston, 40, is entering a new phase as a new poll in the UK has named the Original Sin star the Beauty Icon of the Decade. Aniston overshadows her coming in the second position.

The third annual poll was commissioned by Superdrug asking 3,000 respondents. According to the result Jolie was voted for her famous juicy lips, thick hair, flawless skin and strong character. These features have been seen as points that make women across the world envy her.

“Angelina Jolie is not a conventional beauty but her strong character shines through her fabulous features to give her a unique standing in the beauty world,” said Steve Jebson, Commercial Director for Superdrug, as quoted by The Telegraph.

Jolie and Pitt first met when he was still married to Aniston, more than four years before the poll was conducted. I bet he would never sure that he dropped the right choice and left the Friends’ actress behind. Congratulation for Mr and Mrs Smith!

What about Aniston? I should say her iconic beauty faded out when her iconic sleek haircut was over in the 1990s. Anyway British know how to make news by picking the two on the top.

Photo by Tim Beckenham

Who are on number three and five make me wonder the British obsession for beauty. Was the Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue, 41, chosen on the third place just because of her assy back? And, oh my goodness, Cheryl Cole is on the fifth place. Get real!

“But the message from our stores for 2010 is you don’t have to be a film star or celebrity to be a beauty icon. Every single woman in Britain can walk into their local Superdrug and pick up products that will give them the confidence to turn heads on the high street,” Jebson said. ”Unfortunately, we can’t promise that any of them will end up marrying Brad Pitt.”

Here’s the list, they might be pretty, but iconic?

1.Angelina Jolie

2.Jennifer Aniston

3.Kylie Minogue

4.Catherine Zeta Jones

5.Cheryl Cole

6.Scarlett Johansson

7.Keira Knightly

8.Beyonce Knowles

9.Liv Tyler

10.Halle Berry

11.Kate Winslet

12.Myleene Klass

13.Kelly Brook

14.Nigella Lawson

15.Kate Beckinsale

16.Megan Fox

17.Eva Longoria

18.Joanna Lumley

19.Holly Willoughby

20.Charlize Theron

They’re (Not) Celebrities, Get ‘Em Out of the Carpet

No matter how small the venue is, a red carpet procession seems like a must in a movie premiere. No matter who walks on it, the crowd keeps shouting, if not boo-ing.

Photos by Ady Nugroho

Don’t drop a movie premiere event in the middle of tourist spots. This may be the best advice if the organizer wants the crowd screams out loud the locally-known casts’ name. But if it likes mumbling innocent-crowd then choose Leicester Square.

There were dozens of spectators outside Vue in Leicester Square on Saturday (24/10) night. They were waiting for some things or some ones. The crowd became bigger and bigger every time passers-by joined in even though they got no answer of the others waiting for. All they find was a sign informing that something happening there was a part of the 53rd London Film Festival.

The main question was remain unanswered: “Who’s gonna show up on the red carpet?” People figured out every good-looking persons walking on the symbolic sheet until they knew that the persons had a handy-talkie in their suit pocket. Yes, they’re the organizers.

When the long-awaited had finally turn up, crowd forgot about the ‘who’ question for a while. Sound of camera shutters was heard everywhere along with glaring flash light. They’re screaming “Who are you?”, “What’s your name?” as soon as they got the pictures of the unknown movie stars. The ‘who’ question was still there until the end of the procession featuring three supposedly celebrities.

It’s better to keep the question unanswered rather than to ask nearly ten photojournalists in the venue. They needed to check the guest list to know whom their camera had just captured.

Above all, the supposedly celebrities knew how to freeze in front of camera so they looked convincingly so celebrity. That was enough to satisfy the crowd.

Controversy Over Japanese Porn Star Visit

Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa is to come to Indonesia later this month, a plan that has triggered controversy in the world’s most populous moslem country.

Several religious groups have protested against the plan. The Indonesian Clerics’ Council (MUI) has protested the plan to bring her to Indonesia to play in a movie titled “Kidnapping Miyabi”. Miyabi is the name by which she’s well-known in her hugely successful blue films. Although the film doesn’t contain any pornographic materials, MUI said, Miyabi’s reputation as a porn star could bring a negative image toward Indonesia.

Raditya Dika who wrote the movie screenplay ensures that it won’t contain any sex element instead purely comedy. “This is totally comedy. Most of us saw many sex comedy movies recently. I also do not like sex comedy and horror. I do not want sex story at all,” he said. Even he firmly promised there won’t be action to show off her breasts and bottom.

However, the government has given a green light. Communication and Information Minister Mohammad Nuh has said no one can stop her from coming to the country. “As long as she doesn’t do any porn activities in Indonesia, then legally, her visit can’t be prohibited,” Nuh said.

Maria “Miyabi” Ozawa, 23, is half-Japanese and half-French-Canadian. She started her career by modeling on website in June 2005 in Japan. She was then contracted by S1, an Audio Video enterprise producing hardcore pornography entertainment. Her debut blue film was premiered on October 2007. (compiled from some sources)

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