Softening a Conspiracy

I haven’t found anything newsworthy from the headline “U.S. to temporarily send 1,400 more Marines to Afghanistan”. Of course ‘temporarily’ as it’s a temporary (I hope) invasion. If it’s not temporarily then it emigrates the troops and occupies the country. This is the example of an unnecessary-use-of-words-to-soften-a-conspiracy. The use of ‘temporarily’ doesn’t give an excuse to the intention what so ever. It’s still an invasion. It would be much more newsworthy if it said “U.S. to send home 1,400 more Marines from Afghanistan”.


U.S. to temporarily send 1,400 more Marines to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON | Thu Jan 6, 2011 4:33pm GMT

(Reuters) – U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates has authorized a temporary deployment of an additional 1,400 Marines to Afghanistan, a U.S. defence official told Reuters on Thursday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The Marines are due to arrive in Afghanistan in the coming weeks, the official said, bolstering U.S. forces ahead of the spring fighting season. U.S. forces in Afghanistan currently stand at about 97,000.

(Reporting by Phil Stewart; Editing by Bill Trott)



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