Welcome to the Wax World

Here is where all the stars flock in an ex-planetarium building just across my university. Stare at their brightness before you catch them for a snap of picture.

Photo by Ady Nugroho

“Look! I’m taller than him,” shouts a teenager to his buddies as he stands next to Tom Cruise. He does not realise that Julia Roberts, who was standing nearby, witnessed his naughty action of pulling Cruise’s hair. He and a bunch of people effortlessly manage to get close to and even touch dozens of celebrities in an A-list party. Everybody is free to mingle and pose for camera with their idols or make fun of them.

Unfortunately, these are only do-able in the fake world of celebrities in Madame Tussauds London where their life-size wax figures answer visitors’ curiosity about their real figures. The gallery brings visitors in to glamorous atmosphere as soon as they come out of the lift. Camera flashes strike endlessly while guests are walking along the red carpet towards the A-list hall where the party has just started.

Each celebrity’s level of popularity can be seen here. The more publicity they get in the real world the bigger crowd surrounding them in the hall simply to stare at them or grope their ‘vital’ areas. A man, who is not the first one, gropes Victoria Beckham’s chest ignoring David Beckham who is standing by her side. Another couple who come under the spotlight are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Fake hands

The attraction continues as visitors step in to the movie room to get up close with some Bollywood stars, Hollywood’s make-believe characters such as Superman and Shrek. This room is set to present a mini version of a movie studio featuring props used in a movie. Just before visitors leave the movie room, a couple of wax artists try to attract them with their skills in making fake hands.

The next room is a little bit different where quite a few kids play football and other sporting games under the supervision of some world’s sport champion. Meanwhile, their parents look too busy with the royal family members in the same room. Some visitors whisper in front of the Prince of Wales’ family: “This is the first time I have seen all of Prince Charles’ family together in one place .”

Another shining star in the gallery is Michael Jackson who is standing with his trademark pose between many other musicians. Visitors can wear some accessories a la the king of pop supplied before they freeze for a shot. In the other corners of the room are several world leaders. Rough guesses say that Barack and Michele Obama are the latest occupiers of the room.

Up to this point visitors are full of smiles. But their expressions change once they enter the Chamber of Horrors.


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