Jolie, Aniston Voted Beauty Icons, Lucky Pitt

Lucky Pitt! His partner and ex-wife have been named the top two of Beauty Icon of the Decade.

Photo by Pulicciano

Photo by GDCgraphics

The fierce rivalry between Angelina Jolie, 34, and Jennifer Aniston, 40, is entering a new phase as a new poll in the UK has named the Original Sin star the Beauty Icon of the Decade. Aniston overshadows her coming in the second position.

The third annual poll was commissioned by Superdrug asking 3,000 respondents. According to the result Jolie was voted for her famous juicy lips, thick hair, flawless skin and strong character. These features have been seen as points that make women across the world envy her.

“Angelina Jolie is not a conventional beauty but her strong character shines through her fabulous features to give her a unique standing in the beauty world,” said Steve Jebson, Commercial Director for Superdrug, as quoted by The Telegraph.

Jolie and Pitt first met when he was still married to Aniston, more than four years before the poll was conducted. I bet he would never sure that he dropped the right choice and left the Friends’ actress behind. Congratulation for Mr and Mrs Smith!

What about Aniston? I should say her iconic beauty faded out when her iconic sleek haircut was over in the 1990s. Anyway British know how to make news by picking the two on the top.

Photo by Tim Beckenham

Who are on number three and five make me wonder the British obsession for beauty. Was the Australian pop diva Kylie Minogue, 41, chosen on the third place just because of her assy back? And, oh my goodness, Cheryl Cole is on the fifth place. Get real!

“But the message from our stores for 2010 is you don’t have to be a film star or celebrity to be a beauty icon. Every single woman in Britain can walk into their local Superdrug and pick up products that will give them the confidence to turn heads on the high street,” Jebson said. ”Unfortunately, we can’t promise that any of them will end up marrying Brad Pitt.”

Here’s the list, they might be pretty, but iconic?

1.Angelina Jolie

2.Jennifer Aniston

3.Kylie Minogue

4.Catherine Zeta Jones

5.Cheryl Cole

6.Scarlett Johansson

7.Keira Knightly

8.Beyonce Knowles

9.Liv Tyler

10.Halle Berry

11.Kate Winslet

12.Myleene Klass

13.Kelly Brook

14.Nigella Lawson

15.Kate Beckinsale

16.Megan Fox

17.Eva Longoria

18.Joanna Lumley

19.Holly Willoughby

20.Charlize Theron


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