They’re (Not) Celebrities, Get ‘Em Out of the Carpet

No matter how small the venue is, a red carpet procession seems like a must in a movie premiere. No matter who walks on it, the crowd keeps shouting, if not boo-ing.

Photos by Ady Nugroho

Don’t drop a movie premiere event in the middle of tourist spots. This may be the best advice if the organizer wants the crowd screams out loud the locally-known casts’ name. But if it likes mumbling innocent-crowd then choose Leicester Square.

There were dozens of spectators outside Vue in Leicester Square on Saturday (24/10) night. They were waiting for some things or some ones. The crowd became bigger and bigger every time passers-by joined in even though they got no answer of the others waiting for. All they find was a sign informing that something happening there was a part of the 53rd London Film Festival.

The main question was remain unanswered: “Who’s gonna show up on the red carpet?” People figured out every good-looking persons walking on the symbolic sheet until they knew that the persons had a handy-talkie in their suit pocket. Yes, they’re the organizers.

When the long-awaited had finally turn up, crowd forgot about the ‘who’ question for a while. Sound of camera shutters was heard everywhere along with glaring flash light. They’re screaming “Who are you?”, “What’s your name?” as soon as they got the pictures of the unknown movie stars. The ‘who’ question was still there until the end of the procession featuring three supposedly celebrities.

It’s better to keep the question unanswered rather than to ask nearly ten photojournalists in the venue. They needed to check the guest list to know whom their camera had just captured.

Above all, the supposedly celebrities knew how to freeze in front of camera so they looked convincingly so celebrity. That was enough to satisfy the crowd.


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