First Foreign Student to Sue GP

Su Chang will be the first international student in her university to sue a General Practitioner (GP) if she manages to arrange legal matters. She’s aware that it will be a big deal to hire a lawyer and to engage with courts.

Photo by Ady Nugroho

“I’m not British. I’m a foreigner. So, I know it’s not easy to win,” she said on her first appearance in class after five days laid down in the Northwick Park Hospital. The Chinese student didn’t want to get involved with legal matters in the UK until she got what she alleges as a wrong diagnosis from a GP.

The GP judged her recklessly of being infected by swine flu even though she insisted that she didn’t get any symptoms of the illness. That’s why the tamiflu given by the GP for five days brought no improvement in her condition. She regrets medical practitioners in the country so easily charge patients of having swine flu infection. “He may be influenced by media… He just overreacted to the swine flu outbreak,” she said in her regretful smile.

Get to hospital

That’s not all. She alleged that she’s been neglected because all she got from several times communication by phone with the GP was suggestion to stay at home all the time. Asking on phone was the only thing she could do because she was expelled when she showed up in a NHS the other day. She was refused when she was calling the hotline number to get an ambulance. On the eleventh day of her high temperature, she finally went down to the hospital despite her GP’s prohibition to do so. A doctor in the hospital diagnosed her with pneumonia.

Now, between up and down whether or not to execute her legal action, she’s planning to consult the university’s international office while overseeing to hire a fresh-graduated lawyer. She knows that she has the rights to defend herself from something endangering her life more that the doctor in the hospital knows. He didn’t suggest her to sue his fellow medical practitioner. She has at least one year before the legal period expires.


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