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Photos: Obama, Sarkozy and Women

which is mine?


firm your stand sir!


gotcha boy!

Check out the video for the real moment!


You’ve Got Fans

Try to catch an underground train in London during morning rush hour and you will get idea of what Londoners do in their loneliness on the way to work. At first, I had cold impression seeing that almost no one talks to each other. I didn’t know which comes first, newspaper or privacy. Almost all of them had newspaper in their hands no matter if they got it by any means or simply grab it from the free newsstand available outside every station.

I tried to explore a bit deeper what they consume for their runaway ‘breakfast’. I should say Londoners have a mixed taste for news articles as they read thoroughly Blair’s chance for the EU top position after they read emotionally one X-factor’s finalist eliminated from the show.

On the other hand, some Londoners have no idea of how news goes through before it is ready to publish. It doesn’t apply for those in some locations though. Filming on London’s financial district may lead curiosity among well-suited workers of what news channel we are from. That was all we got besides a police ‘interrogation’ knowing we did all that

things in public place with no permit document in hand. In a more-open space, the respond was more unexpected as I had to concentrate more for being disrupted by local passers-by just like what I experienced in my home country.

Photo by Paul Inggamer

That was not the case when the crew came to a tourist attraction site. As we filmed my piece-to-camera on the Tower Bridge, tourists shifted their gaze to me standing in front of camera as a new attraction. Spectators to the iconic bridge on tour buses got a new object for their pocket camera. Some shouted at me to be included in frame or they thought at least their voice would be heard as back sound.

I felt very naïve when a group of French schoolgirls approached me while the camera was on. I tried to stay concerned on my words until they suddenly swarmed me and got ready for a shot of photo session. “Take picture,” said one girl standing right beside my tripod. Who did they think I was?

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