Controversy Over Japanese Porn Star Visit

Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa is to come to Indonesia later this month, a plan that has triggered controversy in the world’s most populous moslem country.

Several religious groups have protested against the plan. The Indonesian Clerics’ Council (MUI) has protested the plan to bring her to Indonesia to play in a movie titled “Kidnapping Miyabi”. Miyabi is the name by which she’s well-known in her hugely successful blue films. Although the film doesn’t contain any pornographic materials, MUI said, Miyabi’s reputation as a porn star could bring a negative image toward Indonesia.

Raditya Dika who wrote the movie screenplay ensures that it won’t contain any sex element instead purely comedy. “This is totally comedy. Most of us saw many sex comedy movies recently. I also do not like sex comedy and horror. I do not want sex story at all,” he said. Even he firmly promised there won’t be action to show off her breasts and bottom.

However, the government has given a green light. Communication and Information Minister Mohammad Nuh has said no one can stop her from coming to the country. “As long as she doesn’t do any porn activities in Indonesia, then legally, her visit can’t be prohibited,” Nuh said.

Maria “Miyabi” Ozawa, 23, is half-Japanese and half-French-Canadian. She started her career by modeling on website in June 2005 in Japan. She was then contracted by S1, an Audio Video enterprise producing hardcore pornography entertainment. Her debut blue film was premiered on October 2007. (compiled from some sources)


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